RID20 | AS9201.001

Drive for installation nearby the motor.
Equipped with cable glands for motor and transducer cables.
(Available transducers: Resolver, ENDAT 2.1/2.2)

Extremely compact dimensions: 180mm*60mm*125mm 1.7kg
Current, speed and position loops closed by the SPIMD20
Up to 750 DC power supply
Up to 2KW
Auxiliary power supply 18-48 VDC
Strong capability to support high temperatures and vibrations

EtherCAT interface
CANopen interface
Other Ethernet based real-time fieldbuses supportable

Available transducer interfaces:

  • Resolver
  • ENDAT 2.1/2.2 (rotative/linear encoders)

Safety Torque-Off function (STO) selectable on the single drive or on all the drives in the chain
Internal 24VDC holding brake control driving up to 0.7A
Internal accelerometer for vibration analysis


  • Internal flash memory 1MB


  • EtherCAT (CoE) (FoE) or CANopen DSP402
  • Auxiliary CANBus channel
  • RS232 interface


  • 2 digital, PNP, 24VDC opto-coupled inputs (with capture functions)
  • 2 digital, PNP, 24VDC opto-coupled outputs. Max current for single output 600 mA (by external supply), max total current for all outputs (by internal supply) 100 mA.


  • 2 hybrid connectors, with rotatable angled receptacle, for power supply (750 VDC and auxiliary 18-48 VDC), fieldbus and torque off (STO) signals (common for all the drives in the chain)
  • 2 M12 connectors, for input and output digital signals
  • 1 M12 connector, for serial interface and torque off signals (for the single drive)
  • 2 cable glands for motor and transducer cables

EDS file (for CANopen net) 156.30 KB 1 downloads


IGES for mechanical drawings 5.72 MB 1 downloads


CANopen DSP402 dictionary manual 6.81 MB 1 downloads


User manual 12.47 MB 10 downloads


PDF 3D for the device 468.05 KB 1 downloads


SAT for mechanical drawings 1.46 MB 1 downloads


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