AGV Manager is a software tool for Windows and Linux platforms that allows to manage the full AGV plant.

The main features are:

The tool allows communicating with the AGVs:

  • via radio modem and serial connection
  • via wireless LAN on TCP/IP or UDP protocols

PLC communications:

  • with serial interface RS232
  • with OPC server
  • through ethernet with send/receive or fetch/write protocols
  • generically by reading/writing a file

Database data exchange with:

  • SQL server
  • MySql
  • PostgresSQL
  • ODBC

Controlling multiple AGV concurrent movements:

  • managing anti-collision and priorities algorithms between AGVs
  • evaluating the best path to assign to an AGV considering the direction of the path and the AGV orientation, as defined in the plant map

Gives to the user a full integrated development environment (x-script) to define AGV’s movements with these advantages:

  • great flexibility and adaptability to any plant requirements and customization
  • no need for external compilation tools
  • processing informations received through the native interfaces of AGV Manager or exchanging data by other means (sockets, etc.)
  • the ability to integrate “plugins”, specific for a precise application, to increase the capabilities of AGV Manager for the needs of a specific plant

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