AGV Manager is a software tool running on Windows/Linux platforms, allowing to describe the plant operation for AGV’s controlled by the Robox inertial guidance system.

  • Comnunicates with the AGVs through:
    • radio modem via serial link
    • wireless lan with TCP/IP or UDP protocol
  • Comunicates with the PLC:
    • through RS232 serial link
    • through OPC server
    • via ethernet with send/receive or fetch/write protocol
    • by generically reading/writing files
  • Communicates with the data base through:
    • SQL server
    • MySql
    • PostgresSQL
    • ODBC
  • It is responsible for the simultaneous movement of many AGVs:
    • it automatically handles anticollision and priority algorithms among AGVs
    • it calculates the best path to be assigned to each AGV, by respecting the direction of the path and the AGV orientation, as defined in the plant map
  • It supplies an integrated development environment (x-script) to describe the AGV movement :
    • with great flexibility and adaptation to the peculiarities of each plant
    • without any need of external compiling tools
    • by processing the infos received through the AGVManager native interfaces or by exchanging information through other channels (socket, …)
    • it gives the possibility to integrate “plugins” specifically written for an application, to increase the functionality of AGV Manager for each plant

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