I/O expansion modules

The expansion modules can be installed:

• Locally into the bus driven by RP using the appropriate connector (AXC-BS).
• Remoted using the coupler (AXL-F-BK-EC)

Legenda codes:
• 1H: Connettors just one side; width 35 mm
• 1F: Connettors just one side; width 53.6 mm
• 2H: Connettors both side; width 35 mm
• 2F: Connettors both side; width 53.6 mm

i.e. AXL-F-DI32/1-1F and and AXL-F-DI32/1-2H have both 32 Digital Input but:
• The first has connectors in one side; width 53.6mm
• The second in both side; width 35mm

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