SPS exhibition

ROBOX will participate at the SPS exhibition in Parma from the 23rd to the 25th of May. We wait for you! (pad.5 booth L025)

FOCUS – The new frontiers of motion control

On Automazione Integrata magazine, there is an interesting PRESS RELEASE dedicated to the new frontiers of motion control where our engineer Marco Bassignana is interviewd.

Press release new smart drive RID20-E

On Automazione Plus.it on line magazine, there is an interesting PRESS RELEASE dedicated to our new smart drive RID20-E.

Press release on Motion control and Plc

On May PROGETTARE magazine, nr. 438, there is an interesting PRESS RELEASE dedicated to MOTION CONTROL AND PLC where our TOP LEVEL motion controller RP-2 is described.

Software availability notification

Starting from today 2021-02-08, technical notifications of software product availability (such as applications, firmware, device images, updates, etc.) will be notified only and directly through the software update service. To use this service, you need to update the [page=DN.RSUS]RSETUP[/page] software to version v1.0.0-39 or later. Robox SpA

Press release on motion control systems (PLC,PAC,IPC)

On March AUTOMAZIONE OGGI magazine, there is an interesting PRESS RELEASE dedicated to Robox RP-2 motion controller .

Enel works

Our offices, on Friday 12th, will be closed from hour 14:00 due to works by Enel (National agency for electricity), on the electrical system. We will open again on Monday the 15th For commercial and technical emergencies send an email to sales@robox.it.

Migration of assistance services

Dear Customer, Robox S.p.A. is migrating the assistance services from the Skype platform to the Teams platform. Starting from November 1st, Robox will assist you just on Teams platform. In order to contact us,please add in Skype the desired user to your contacts, simply by searching for the interested useremail@robox.it and select the specific Teams […]

PLUG-FEST EtherCAT Robox-Metronix

Tested the EtherCAT communication between ROBOX motion controllers and Metronix BL4104 servo drive, in details: XML file reading from RDE3. Mailbox. CSP mode. Synchronous position current value reading. State machine DS402. Power-SET management For more information contact Robox at sales@robox.it . Robox Spa


Our offices are regularily open in accordance with Government directives (new D.P.C.M dated March 22nd), concerning Coronavirus emergency.We work both on site and in smart working mode.Alwasy available for any request, we wish the best for all of us trusting in a fast return to our normal life!