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RDE - Robox Development Environment
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RDE - Robox Development Environment

(Development Environment)
Description:RDE is a development environment designed to permit the best exploitation of the Robox R3, RPE, Ladder, Object Block languages
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Specification:The main features are:
  • Besides allowing to write, compile and debug the application software, it permits to evaluate the behaviour of the controlled machine and therefore to choose the best solutions to optimize it
  • RDE runs on personal computers with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Seven, Linux (X11) or MAC OS/X platforms
    The controller is connected to the PC via serial/ethernet channels (TCP/IP)
  • RDE offers the following main features:
    • Writing, with its highlighting integrated editor, the R3, RPE, Ladder, Object block source files. These files can also be written with any other pure ASCII editor
    • Compiling the source files and obtaining the report of errors addressing to the code line containing the error
    • Organizing all the files belonging to a particular job into homogeneous groups (see Project window in the usage examples)
    • Communicating on a serial/ethernet line with the Robox motion controller, through the Shell window (see Usage examples). This window allows to:
      - monitor the state of any hardware resources of the connected controller
      - read the directory of the files in the flash card of the connected controller
      - move any file from the PC memory to the flash card and viceversa
      - delete files, etc.
    • Displaying in a numerical form the registers/variables of the connected controller through the Monitor windows
    • Displaying in a graphical form the evolution of the involved variables through the Oscilloscope window (see Usage examples). This windows works as a 4/8-track oscilloscope, for which it is possible to define the variables associated to each track, the scale and offset, the synchronisms, if normal or XY display
    • Setting Debug utilities, such as:
      - break-points on the execution of an instruction (stopping the execution or just counting the event occurrences)
      - break-points on a variable read operation
      - break-points on a variable write operation
      - trace on tasks
    • Simulating, through the I/O Panels window, the system inputs/outputs. The possibility to force the inputs and to display the outputs permits the programmer to thoroughly debug the program without actually being connected to the machine
    • Using the Variable Load/Save window to create customized parameter menus
    • On-line help facility
  • All the above features are available for teleassistance through Internet
  • Download from our site.
Programming languages: RPE (structured text) (RPE)
R3 (R)
Ladder (IEC1131) (LADDER)
Firmware RTE (RTE)

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