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(Motion controller)
Description:Motion controller - equipped with CPU P2020 able to control up to 32 interpolated axes driven through CANopen or EtherCAT fieldbus
Product image:
Specification:The main features are:
  • Freescale Power PC P2020 microprocessor (1.2GHz, dual-core)
  • Number of controlled axes:
    • up to 32 interpolated axes, driven through Ethercat or CANopen fieldbus
  • Memory:
    • 450 Mbytes SD card
    • 512 Mbytes DDR3 ram
    • 128 Kbytes retentive ram for parameters and alarm history storage
  • Communication:
    • # 1 USB-B channel (ROBOX BCC/31) for PC communication
    • # 1 general purpose RS422/485 serial channels (Robox BCC/31, DF1)
    • # 3 Ethernet channels (10/100 Mbit/s)(CoE - Can Over EtherCAT, SoE - Servodrive Over EtherCAT, EoE - Ethernet over EtherCAT, TCP/IP, UDP, TFTP, Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP, Robox BCC/31/TCP)
    • # 2 Canbus channels (DS301, DS401, DS402, Device Net, Robox Cnet protocols) to interface servo drives and remoted I/O's
    • # 1 Profinet slave channel
    • O.P.C. Server and ActiveX available for communication in Windows environment
  • Interfaces:
    • # 8 digital, PNP, 24VDC opto-coupled inputs (all with capture functions)
    • # 8 digital, PNP, 24VDC, opto-coupled outputs (max 0.5A per channel)
    • # 1 incremental encoder input, RS422 line driver 5VDC
  • ROS compliant
  • Intrinsic safety watch dog relay
  • Display monitoring the CPU status
  • Remote service
  • Real-time clock calendar
  • Power supply: 24VDC, 15W
  • External measures: mm. 210x82x105
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting in 35mm DIN guide in accordance with EN60715 standard
Software: RDE - Robox Development Environment
OPC Server

SD Card: 450MB SD (licence fee<=3axes) (AS3024.306)
450MB SD (licence fee<=8axes) (AS3024.305)
450MB SD (licence fee<=16axes) (AS3024.304)
450MB SD (licence fee<=32axes) (AS3024.303)

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