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Software update service

RSUS - Software update service of Robox SpA - General information

The Robox SpA software update service allows you to access the Robox cloud software library directly from a single PC application.
This service is based on the Robox Setup application which can be launched:

  • From the RDE development environment by selecting the "Check for updates" menu in the "Help" menu

  • Directly from Windows (Default installation C:/Robox/Rsetup/bin/rsetup.exe)

Robox Software Update Service(RSUS) allows you to download Robox software packages and at the same time stay up to date. In fact, the system compares the versions on the PC and the latest available, notifying the user of the presence of news.

If you are using Windows XP, please contact the support service (

RSUS - Software update service of Robox SpA - Download

The latest version of the software can be downloaded throught the Robox Software Update Service (RSUS), which can be downloaded directly from here:


If it is necessary to have versions not provided for by the software update service, please contact the support service ( and provide all the necessary information to identify the version of the product.

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